We write ‘Architecture’ and ‘Ambition’ with a capital A:  we strive and work constantly to achieve the very best possible results based on realistic, well-thought out foundations.  A broad range of projects has helped us to become and operate as a top agency that can offer a wide range of possibilities and make its artistic presence felt.


The balance in ‘Architecture’, ‘Building-technique’ and ‘Coordination’ is safeguarded by approaching deadlines and project-management with maximum flexibility. ‘CBA’s ABC’ runs through the office as a theme and, as of 2012, it is intensely adjusted throughout the entire development process of an assignment, because nobody benefits from big turbulences between ‘A’, ‘B’ or ‘C’.


We consider it to be self-evident that constantly focussing on qualitative architecture and professionalism will confirm CBA’s position as key player. Submitting projects to daily internal evaluation, comparison, categorizing and group-reflecting are essential in our uniform project-management where mutual dialogue, flow of information and efficiency are paramount.