Crepain Binst Architecture, which was founded 2006, is the result of a creative marriage between architect and urban development experts Jo Crepain (+2008) and Luc Binst. Over the past few years, the office has developed into a strong, stable and dynamic team  of ’50 co-thinkers’ that can fall back on 45 years of experience and 500 realisations in Belgium and the Netherlands.

‘Architecture’, ‘Interior’ and ‘Design’ are formulated by a collective of seniors, project managers and trainees. The design aspect, or the ‘A-part’, derives its strength from Luc Binst and the design team. The construction-technical training, or the ‘B-part’, guarantees an optimal flow of knowledge from seniors to trainees. The ‘C-part’, or the policies at construction sites, is safeguarded by our project managers and seniors.

As supervisors, Luc Binst (CEO), Dirk Engelen (COO), Guy Mertens (Senior Architect) assume a central role in the organigram and manage the group’s day-to-day activities. Sigrid Hubloux (Communication & design) and Jan Geerts (Technical support) provide the necessary back-up. Where A, B and C meet, that’s where CBA’s DNA is created.