ABC Procedure

ABC CBA Organisation



‘Architecture’ can originate from a ‘strong modesty’ or a ‘need for expression’. Dependant on the ambition and objective that lie within the assignment, CBA starts from a well-defined concept, base or backbone. A broad brainstorming process, which results in 3 proposals, guarantees an innovative approach to designing assignments in all categories.  The ‘5 basic tools’: context, scale, concept, plan & materials need to be balanced within this research.

Throughout this process, the ‘Architecture versus durability’ question is continually assessed, which has led us to an increasingly important new attitude towards design. This new ‘creative conscience’ is an increasingly vital link to socially responsible architecture.


Over the last few years, ‘Building-technique’ has gradually evolved into a complex discipline where numerous factors and parties converge. The importance of ‘integrated & durable design’, where architecture, stability, techniques and landscape meet in an early stage, is fully recovered during the building permit and tendering stage. In order to evolve into a single coherent administrative and fully fledged unit, it is crucial to clearly mark out everyone’s task and study. A number of technical supporters or ‘TS’s’ guarantee the monthly internal update and upgrade of new information and standardization.


In order to safeguard our architectural quality, we need to asses the construction site’s ‘Coordination’ on a weekly basis. Our construction site managers are the number one representatives of CBA and therefore propagate the office’s vision and culture. A correct construction site process starts off with a clear protocol of ‘how’ the meetings with the construction partner will be held. By using practical tools such as ‘clouding’, the most recent documents are always immediately available to all parties. Mock-ups have to be inserted into the contractor’s general execution planning, as well as the draughtsmanship- planning and any other essential documents. In the end, professionalism needs to be our focus, since it remains CBA’s driving force from A to C.