Since 1997 the architects of Crepain Binst Architecture have been conceiving architecture out of this renovated 5-storeyed warehouse. The building dates back to circa 1910 and has a sheer rectangular base plan (± 11 x 20m.) with 8 cast-iron columns and vaulted arches in brickwork. The old warehouse was fully restored. All arches were restored to their original state, the bricked up windows in the side wall were re-openend and all non-original windows and doors were closed off again. The old office building next to the warehouse was torn down thus creating an inner courtyard providing room for 4 trees and parking space for around 8 vehicles. The resulting inner-city garden lends central acces to both the office and the private residence. The building provides offices for up to 40 people, including conference rooms, archives and a display room annex dining area.